Indigo shares many of its meanings with violet. It's symbolic of mystical powers, intuition and higher levels of consciousness.

If someone loves wearing  indigo, it would show a priority for being different. Their need to express themselves would be greater than the need to fit in with the crowd. They are in touch with their emotions

If indigo attracts you then you have a fascination with mysterious and the unknown.

Indigo is the only natural blue dye used by many cultures in every continent. Independence in India fought for & won in part because of the commercialization of Indigo. Each village, each dyer has a unique way of making a magic of Indigo work. Indigo is elusive 

Indigo cultivation is good for the soil and the farmer. At least two crops can be grown and harvested per year in combination with wheat, corn and other staples. Indigo is easy to grow and it has naturalized in diverse climates all over the world. there is only one method to converting leaves into dye. Indigo color is slowly drawn out of the leaves by composting them in alkaline water. Over 12-18 hrs the water turns blue, it is then drained from the leaves and reserved. The blue water is beaten or paddled to add as much air as possible to the solution. Afters hours of this beating the Indigo dyes settle to the bottom of the vessel. The water above the sediment is drained. The remaining blue sludge is dried and sold as chunks of Indigo in the market.

It requires specialized dye process because of which it can be applied to any natural material.