At Amodini going local means that we nurture locally owned businesses. We employ local workers at decent wages. The artisans engaged are residents of the locality to save on travelling time and transport expenditure.

The garments made over here are speak for themselves through exquisite, touch, feel and charm. At Amodini,  we have opted to use traditional hand work techniques, keeping local art form alive to support the local artisans who depend on such crafts for  their livelihood.

We are convinced that handmade, locally developed artwork has a special appeal with the consumers as compared to mill or factory made apparels. We are focused on longevity of products rather than number to promote classic buys. Our products have very limited inventory because of which our customers feel classically unique in a very special way.

Amodini believes in thoughtful consumption. We believe that everyone wants to own something unique and that's why consumers are inclined towards local.

In all Amodini lets you flaunt the charms of a skilled human hand in its unique, tasteful and timeless clothing.